All Your Hair-Related Questions: Answered

All Your Hair-Related Questions: Answered | Blog | House of Dear

All Your Hair-Related Questions: Answered

Have you ever thought to yourself, why does my hair (x,y,z)? Turns out, we all have. We’ve taken some of the most commonly asked questions to deliver some much needed answers. Hair ya go:

Why does my hair…

Fall out in the shower

A light amount of shedding is natural, but if you feel like an excessive amount of hair falls out when you shower, it may be due to harmful ingredients in your hair care products. That’s why, at House of Dear, we make sure all of our ingredients are chemical free and derived straight from Mother Earth. Another way to reduce hair loss is by focusing on mental health, because high levels of stress not only lead to excess shedding but also early graying. Taking care of your body from the inside out is a step that really shouldn’t be skipped, so eat well, hydrate, and use all-natural products.

Hurt at the roots

Your hair follicles are packed with itty-bitty nerve endings that can become inflamed when not treated with care. Pain in these nerves is typically caused by blockage. This can happen if you wait too long between washes, rely heavily on dry shampoo, or use the wrong kind of shampoo. If your shampoo doesn’t contain the ingredients needed to hydrate your actual skin, your scalp will likely overcompensate by producing  too much sebum. This can also cause a clog, so be sure to pick a shampoo that understands the importance of hydration - because it’s not just the conditioner’s job.

Always get tangled

If tangled hair is a recurring problem, that’s a clear sign of a lack of moisture. When your hair is dry, it gets knotted, as opposed to when it’s hydrated, it glides more freely. While hydrating from the inside out is one of the secrets to life, you’ve got to hydrate from the outside too. What this ultimately comes down to is the products you use. Look for natural ingredients that are proven to lock in moisture, like Rose of Jericho, which prevents cells from drying out. Or Aloe Vera, which we all know is famous for its hydrating properties. These ingredients, as well as other hydration masters such as Sunflower Seed Oil, can be found in all of our ingredients.

Itch a lot

An itchy scalp is also a sign of dryness, which can also lead to flaking. A common misconception is that you shouldn’t apply conditioner to your scalp, but that’s actually not true. A lot of people think this will result in oiliness, but actually neglecting to moisturize your scalp is what causes the overproduction of sebum. Try taking the advice from the tangled response, and if things don’t improve then maybe it’s time to see a dermatologist about a prescription shampoo.

Not hold a style

Some hair just doesn’t stay put. Usually, this is the case with more fine hair types, and there’s not much that can be done other than using styling products. We all know hairspray can hold a look… too well. Unfortunately it also restricts movement/bounce, gives a terrible feel to your hair, and can be hard to wash out. Plus, it can be very damaging. Instead of reaching for the toxic hairspray, try our Finishing Salve. It’s perfect for locking in any number of frizz-controlled styles, and it nourishes your hair throughout the day.

Smell funny

If you’ve noticed a less than pleasant smell coming from your hair, even shortly after a fresh wash, that’s probably mildew. Mildew is (brace yourself) a form of fungus that grows in damp places, including your hair if left wet too long. This can happen if you tend to put your hair up to dry, like in a braid or bun. Try towel drying your hair and leaving it down while it dries so that it can get plenty of ventilation. If that doesn’t work, you may want to start blowdrying it on a low heat setting. Using hair products with appealing fragrances always helps too. In our collection, we rely on essential oils such as Jasmine, Bergamot, Mandarin, Lavender, Tangerine, and Patchouli for a natural, crowd-pleasing scent palate.

Get frizzy

Frizzy hair happens to the best of us, and is another consequence of hydration-deprivation. Our Resurrecting Balm is great for staving off stray-aways because it contains the trifecta of frizz-fighting ingredients. Sunflower Seed Oil contains tons of vitamins and minerals, including oleic acid and omega 9 acid, which are needed to stop breakage and stimulate hair growth, cutting down on frizz and adding shine.

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