Breaking Beauty Barriers: The Transformative Impact of Inclusivity

Holly Dear and wife, Libby Dear

The Transformative Impact of Inclusivity

The beauty industry has long been hailed as a realm of boundless creativity, where self-expression and individuality thrive. It is a space where personal identity is celebrated and self-confidence is nurtured. These compelling attributes of the industry resonated deeply with House of Dear founder Holly Dear, who spent two decades working behind the chair. However, as her experience grew, so did her realization of a glaring gap that needed to be addressed: clean, gender-inclusive haircare. 

"I've been on the front lines of product development for decades and I have seen the evolution of gender being taken out of the conversation." 

In celebration of Pride month, as an LGBTQIA+ owned brand, we delve into Holly's journey and the transformative vision that led her to champion the cause of gender-inclusivity in the beauty industry. We celebrate how her passion for creativity and self-expression merged with a resolute commitment to provide clean and inclusive haircare solutions, ultimately reshaping the landscape of beauty products.  

The House of Dear product line came to life within the very walls of the Holly's salon, House of Dear Hair Salon in Dallas, Texas. It emerged as a direct response to the daily scalp-related concerns she and her team of stylists witnessed firsthand. These issues were often only superficially addressed by existing haircare products available in the market, merely masking the problems, without truly addressing their underlying causes. Additionally, the available products predominantly catered to either male or female consumers, disregarding the fact that scalp issues are genderless. Holly states, "it is a misrepresentation that men and women need different products. Your scalp is your scalp." After all, hair itself does not recognize gender. 

Holly embarked on a mission to develop a revolutionary line of products that would not only provide effective solutions for scalp issues but also shatter the limitations of gender-specific haircare. The House of Dear product line was meticulously crafted to transcend traditional boundaries, acknowledging that scalp health and haircare needs are universal, regardless of gender identity.

"It's time to treat scalp issues without defining who it is for." 

At House of Dear, our mission extends beyond the boundaries of our salon and permeates through every aspect of our products. We are dedicated to fostering an inclusive community that embraces diversity and empowers every client and customer to declare their right to self-expression. In our Dallas salon, we proudly offer genderless haircuts and services, recognizing that haircare is a personal journey that transcends traditional gender norms. Our commitment to inclusivity extends to every aspect, including our product line, which has been meticulously formulated to be completely gender-neutral in both scent and use case.

Our gender-neutral products are carefully crafted to meet the diverse needs of our clients without adhering to outdated gender or race stereotypes. From the choice of ingredients to the thoughtfully curated scents, every aspect of our products has been designed to be inclusive and versatile, allowing individuals to embrace their personal style and preferences.

In conclusion, for Holly, the salon and the House of Dear products are more than just a business venture. They represent her heartfelt dedication to creating a safe haven—an inclusive community where individuals from all walks of life can find solace and support.

Reflecting on her vision, Holly emphasizes, "I want people to see themselves in our campaigns and on our Instagram feed and know that we can help them with their scalp and hair issues, in a natural and clean ingredient-based way."