Busted: 5 Hair Care Myths

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Busted: 5 Hair Care Myths

When it comes to hair care, there’s tons of misinformation out there. While some of these misconceptions stem from roots in reality, the great majority are just total nonsense. Let’s dive into the top five myths we see most, and learn why they’re not true.

1. Frequent hair-washing is bad

This is only true when using products with harsh chemicals like sulfates, parabens, silicones, and alcohols. These harmful ingredients strip the hair and scalp of their natural oils, causing dry and brittle results.

With hair care products that utilize the gifts of mother nature, rather than lab-made, animal tested chemicals, frequent washing is nothing to worry about. Everyone’s hair is different, so it's important to base your washing schedule on your individual needs. Some like to wash every day, while others prefer to wait a whole week. As long as you’re choosing the right products, you can wash like there's no tomorrow.

2. Rinsing with cold water locks in shine

Unfortunately cold water is not the magic fix-all trick for shiny hair. What many people think cold water can do is actually the job of your conditioner. A good conditioner works to deliver nutrition to both the scalp and the hair follicles, delivering a weightless sheen. In addition to the long-term healing properties, conditioner also gives an immediate shine by smoothing down the scales on each strand of hair.

For hair that needs a little extra help beyond the capabilities of conditioner, try our Resurrecting Balm that instantly revitalizes damaged hair.

3. Hair-coloring causes damage

Again, this depends entirely on the products being used. If your salon uses harsh dyes that rely on strong chemicals, there’s a good chance your hair will pay the price with its health. We get that sometimes harsh dyes are unavoidable, like when going from dark to light can only be accomplished with the use of bleach. That’s why we make take-home products that compliment this process and maintain the integrity of the hair throughout.

If your hair tends to feel dry and breakable in the weeks after a color treatment, you should try asking your hairdresser about what’s in the products they use. It may be time to find a new salon that uses all-natural products that put your hair’s health above all else — because if your locks aren’t healthy, it’ll be harder and harder to make them look like they are.

4. You should change up products from time to time

This myth seems to rely on the idea that your hair can build a sort of “tolerance” to products used over an extended period of time. While that may be true with other things, like coffee and certain medications, it definitely does not apply to hair care.

In fact, your hair and skin benefit from routine, and don’t usually like having to adjust to different products on the reg. If you want your hair to look and feel its best, find a product line that utilizes the power of natural ingredients, and wean off of any harsh formulas you’ve been using before.

5. Fine/oily hair doesn't need conditioner

If your hair is naturally oily or ultra-fine, you may think that conditioner will cause a grease overload. Oh contraire! Oftentimes, excess sebum (oil) production is a sign of a dry scalp trying to overcompensate. Conditioning the hair and scalp can help lessen the natural production of excess oils by providing the moisture your head needs.

You may be thinking that those natural oils should be able to provide the same moisturizing benefits of conditioner, but that’s not fully true. While sebum can certainly provide a bit of hydration, it’s incapable of delivering the same level of nutrition and protection as a great conditioner.

Now that you know the truth about hair care, you can give your hair the treatment it deserves. Shop the House of Dear collection and realize the unmatched healing power of our unique botanical blend.

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