House of Dear Hair Quiz: Healing Involves Understanding

House of Dear Hair Quiz: Healing Involves Understanding

House of Dear Hair Quiz: Healing Involves Understanding

It takes reaching the end of ourselves for many of us to realize we need to put on our own oxygen mask first so that we can effectively help and serve others. Ironically, if we could sit down and listen to the account of every person’s journey over the past 18 months, we would likely notice a predominant theme: healing.

The heartbeat of House of Dear is self-love equals self-care because we understand the inherent value of being your best self.

The hair glow up you've been searching for has arrived. House of Dear is here to serve you on your healing journey by providing you with a clean, cruelty free, gluten free, & vegan solution to damage caused by hair products, styling routines & environment. House of Dear’s botanical-based formulas leave hair noticeably hydrated after the first use.

Our products are for the clean conscious. Created for all hair types, our Leaping Bunny Certified formulas are backed by the power of nature and out-perform clean beauty industry leaders on more than one front, including colorfastness.

We’ve created a series of questions to understand your unique needs, goals, lifestyle, and daily environment. Based on your answers, we recommend a fully customized haircare routine guaranteed to revive your hair to its healthiest state.

Your hair needs, like you, are unique--even the virgin, un-dyed hair that has never undergone heat-based styling experiences damage from the steam of a hot shower, the UV rays of the sun and the turning seasons.

Whether your scalp is suffering from excess oil or dryness, House of Dear formulas carry scalp neutralizing ingredients: Aloe Vera and Sunflower Seed Oil work together with Rose of Jericho to strengthen the hair shaft from within and provide a UV protective layer around each strand, truly bringing hair back to life while shielding it from future damage.

Learn more about the revolutionary science of House of Dear haircare ingredients here or take the quiz to embark on your hair healing journey today!

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