Rose of Jericho

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Rose of Jericho

Rose of Jericho is an intense hydrator, rejuvenating the hair and scalp from the inside out. Medicinal in nature, Rose of Jericho is known as the ‘Resurrection Plant’ because it has the ability to bring itself, as well as  your hair and scalp, back to life. A member of the spike moss family, the Resurrection Plant is found in the Chihuahuan Desert of the United States and Mexico. This ancient plant can survive for up to seven years without water in dormancy and lose up to 95% of its moisture content without cell or tissue damage, hence the name Resurrection Plant ( The cosmeceutical and phytopharmaceutical properties of Rose of Jericho rejuvenate dry damaged hair and scalp, restoring it to a healthy state.

Oxidation is the primary process through which our hair and skin start to look older -- which is why we love antioxidants. Rose of Jericho contains tons of antioxidants that play a huge role in the plants’ ability to resurrect itself, your hair and scalp after a long period of desiccation. The antioxidant compounds -- Beta-Carotene, Ascorbic Acid, Gamma-Tocopherol -- aid with blood flow and circulation of the scalp, encouraging hair growth, strength and shine. 

The most compelling compound present in the Resurrection Plant is a sugar called Trehalose. A naturally occurring disaccharide (sugar), Trehalose is widespread in many species of plants and animals -- commonly found in yeasts, Rose of Jericho is one of only a few vascular flora containing the powerful sugar. The main function of Trehalose appears to be to protect cells against desiccation, but is not found in mammals ( When Trehalose is present, the desiccation phase activates a response that protects the cell membrane from any form of damage associated with the environmental causes of aging, such as daily exposure to chemicals and toxins in the air, UV exposure, noise pollution, anxiety and stress. The Trehalose is actively protecting the hydrogen bonds between and within macromolecules during the desiccation process. This protection retains the structure of the cell membrane, which allows the cells to rehydrate intact. When dried up, the cells are not damaged. In the absence of Trehalose, when a plant (or your hair) dries up, it shrinks, shrivels and breaks. But in the presence of Trehalose this does not happen -- the cell membranes remain intact and are perfectly restored upon rehydration (AfricanPlantHunter).

Arbutin is another key cosmeceutical found in Rose of Jericho. High levels of Arbutin found in the Resurrection Plant cure dehydration at the root by protecting the lipids in your skin cells at the scalp from peroxidizing (which is another cause of premature aging). Oxidation is the combination of a substance with oxygen while peroxidation is an oxidation reaction that produces a peroxide. Peroxidation is what causes damage within a cell during desiccation. The sun is a massive source of oxidation. Our skin naturally produces melanin in response to UV damage, resulting in sun spots and hair damage. The Hydroquinone produced by Arbutin inhibits peroxidation of unsaturated lipids, playing a very significant role in protecting cell integrity.

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