What A Silk Pillowcase Can Do For Your Hair

What A Silk Pillowcase Can Do For Your Hair | House of Dear Hair Care

What A Silk Pillowcase Can Do For Your Hair

We’ve all heard that silk pillowcases are good for hair and skin, but how real are those claims? Put simply: very real. While sleeping on a silk pillowcase has a ton of benefits, like reducing acne and improving sleep, it’s actually been proven to be most beneficial for hair. So what exactly can a silk pillowcase do for your hair?

Reduce Breakage 

Because silk is so, well… silky, it minimizes friction. This means your hair can move freely and without resistance as you toss and turn in your sleep. This helps reduce immediate breakage, as well as tangles which eventually lead to breakage. It’s plain and simple: less friction = less split ends and broken stray-aways.

Fight Frizz

Silk is the only naturally occurring filament fiber, meaning it doesn’t need to be woven together like other fibers. That allows it to be incredibly smooth, since there are no vertices within the fabric. This perfect smoothness, as mentioned above, eliminates friction, which is one of the leading causes of frizzy hair. So, waking up with bed-head is a lot less likely when you’ve slept on a silk pillowcase.

Lock in Moisture

Silk is naturally not very absorbent, meaning it won’t soak up your hair's natural oils. While cotton pulls the moisture out of your locks, silk helps lock it in. Hydration is the number one factor when it comes to healthy hair - it's what makes your locks soft and shiny. Plus, a silk pillowcase will help keep your scalp hydrated too, and a healthy scalp is the root of healthy hair!

Given how much time you spend sleeping (usually about 8 hours per night), it’s important to treat your hair right during that time! We’ve made the case that a silky pillow means silkier hair, but it’s not a magic fix-all solution. Ultimately, the products you use matter more than anything. Wondering what products your hair needs to look and feel its best? Take the haircare quiz and shop the House of Dear Collection!

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