Resurrecting Balm

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Resurrecting Balm

A balm is a fragrant ointment or preparation of medicinal value used to heal or soothe the skin or hair. For centuries, balms have been used for medicine, beauty and daily moisturizing needs. Like an ultra hydrating lotion after a long hot shower, a clean & nutrient dense hair balm will enhance your haircare ritual by locking in moisture 24/7.

Hair balms are essential for taming damaged and unruly locks. Using clean & natural nutrients like proteins, vitamins, essential oils and botanicals, they help neutralize scalp imbalances and hydrate ends. Strands are restored to life and texture is more defined, leaving you and your hair happy and healthy.

House of Dear’s Resurrecting Balm is carefully crafted with botanicals and essential oils that quickly revitalize hair and skin, repairing past damage while protecting against future damage. Our intensive hair treatment instantly auto-corrects damaged hair, returning it back to its youthful state by replenishing oils lost in chemical and environmental hair damage. With Coconut Oil and Sunflower Seed Oil as the first ingredients, our solid oil Balm instantly liquifies to the touch and evenly distributes our natural oil blend & hair healing ingredients Rose of Jericho, Sunflower Seed Oil and Pure Aloe Vera

Resurrecting Balm also acts as a great styling & finishing tool and can be applied to wet or dry hair, even skin and nails. Our adaptable formula can be used on all hair types and textures, as well as color and keratin treated hair. If you’re searching for the ultimate hair hero, look no further.

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