Resurrecting Wash & Rinse

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Resurrecting Wash & Rinse

From morning routines to work out routines to sleep routines, across every culture we utilize routines in order to regulate our mind, body and spirit. Benefits of routines include decreased stress and increased health, focus, and productivity ( The energy we would normally spend making that series of decisions is conserved and put to better use.

Your haircare routine is an opportunity to reset, recharge and restore your energy. Washing and conditioning hair is not only a cleansing ritual, but it is also an opportunity to rid the body of toxins and buildup. Unfortunately, mainstream haircare products squander this opportunity for many because these products contain toxic chemicals we would be avoiding at all costs if only we knew the harsh reality in which we were soaking our scalps.

Incorporating natural, clean, cruelty free products into your haircare routine will ensure you maximize your selfcare ROI. Ingredients pulled from nature and purely processed provide your body, mind and spirit with the nutrients needed to truly restore your being.

House of Dear’s Resurrecting Wash & Rinse contain Purified Water and Aloe Vera as the first ingredients. Built on botanical-based structures, these revitalizing formulas work together to rebalance each strand’s internal moisture content to improve hair's overall health and beauty. Carefully crafted, our nutrient-dense formula brings hair back to life after the first use, nourishing each strand from root to end. Over time, the benefits increase as ingredients work together to repair past damage and shield against future damage.

  • Sunflower Seed Oil equips each strand with a UV protective barrier.
  • The rejuvenating benefits of the desert flower, Rose of Jericho, make hair supple, shiny, and healthy once again after the first use.
  • A slew of essential oils including Jojoba, Lavender, Clove and Bergamot support hair, scalp, mind and spirit restoration by neutralizing scalp imbalances and anxiety.

Resurrecting Wash & Rinse are made for all hair types and safe for color-treated hair. Each essential oil in our formula was chosen for it's aromatherapeutic benefits, which come together to create a calming fragrance suitable for men and women, young and old. These clean, effective formulas work best in conjunction with Resurrecting Balm for maximum resurrecting results.

Investing in yourself is always a beneficial decision. You will find, as you expand your knowledge on clean haircare and beauty products, it will influence your haircare routine decisions--as it is with every other area of life, the more we know, the more we grow. When it comes to hair and beauty products, it is important to keep ingredients as close to nature as possible.

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