A Holiday Gift Guide for Her

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Her | House of Dear


A Holiday Gift Guide for Her

With the holidays right around the corner, and the mounting pressure of gift-giving, you may be stressing out a bit. Since stress causes early graying, we’re here to make this holiday season a breeze with our gift guide (the first of two!). Giving a gift to your loved ones shouldn’t be a source of strain, but rather an opportunity for pride and joy. Giving the gift of self love and self care is sure to satisfy even the toughest giftees. Below we’ve outlined a few of the gifts that we know are sure to please.

Complete Care Kit

This is the haircare kit to end all haircare kits. With six unique products, it's the gift that keeps on giving. This comprehensive bundle includes: Resurrecting Wash, Resurrecting Rinse, Volumizing Tonic, Resurrecting Balm, Thickening Cream, & Finishing Salve. What more could you need? Giving a gift like this is sure to get you brownie points to last the year. Give it to your bestie who loves her hair as much as she loves you, or give it to your mom who can never have enough products. Or better yet, give it to your girlfriend so that you can share… if you’re lucky.

Whoever is on the receiving end of this kit will see instant results. Each of these products work hand-in-hand, and deliver best results when used in conjunction. The Resurrecting Wash uses a rich lather to envelop each strand with Rose of Jericho, which is proven to have revitalizing properties. The Resurrecting Rinse instantly hydrates and locks in moisture. The Volumizing Tonic goes beyond just giving an instant lift, it also delivers healing nutrients straight to the scalp. The Resurrecting Balm turns back the clock on hair, making it look and feel young again. The Thickening Cream styles, treats, and heals each strand, restoring strength and shine. And lastly, the Finishing Slave is perfect for locking in any number of frizz-controlled styles.

Volumizing Kit

This kit is the kind of gift you’ll wish you got for yourself too. This essential trio includes the Resurrecting Wash, Resurrecting Rinse, and Volumizing Tonic. One of the key ingredients found in this set is Sunflower Seed Oil. This natural UV protectant’s high content of Oleic Acid and Omega 9 Acid help stimulate new growth while reducing frizz, creating the perfect organic volume.

This bundle is perfect for those who are more minimalist and really just prefer to cover the basics. It's a great way for someone to peek behind the curtain of clean haircare, without having to jump right into all the bells and whistles. We like to use this kit as a sort of starter pack for those who don’t typically put a lot of focus on their haircare ritual. Of course, once they start using the kit they’ll realize what they’ve been missing out on.The Volumizing Kit is the perfect selfcare foundation gift--for future holidays, birthdays and celebrations, you can build your loved one’s selfcare collection by gifting them essentials like Resurrecting Balm, Finishing Salve and the ever-so-calming Spiritual Awakening Candle, knowing that your gifts are always contributing to their arsenal of healing.

Finishing Salve

This multi-purpose salve is the perfect one-size-fits-all gift. We all have that person in our lives who’s almost impossible to shop for. If you’re questioning what to get them this year, look no further. This versatile formula is suitable for fine, medium, and coarse textures and works to finish just about any style. Depending on how much product layering is used, the results can vary from frizz-fighting minimalism to dramatic definition.

While the Finishing Salve locks in your style all day long, it also actively protects against fraying and splitting. The Aloe Vera in this salve works wonders. The dense concentration of Collagen and Vitamins A, B12, C, & E, work to strengthen the hair shaft, preventing breakage and split ends. Plus, the natural SPF found in Sunflower Seed Oil protects against UV damage - all day long. It's the “salve-ation” your loved ones didn’t know they needed.

Of course, all House of Dear products utilize our signature Leaping Bunny Certified clean formula; free of gluten, parabens, sulfates, silicones, and all those other harmful chemicals that are found in mainstream haircare products. Our entire collection is suitable for all hair types, including keratin and color-treated. Not only are our ingredients good for you, they’re also good for the environment. That means you can gift with a clear conscience, knowing that House of Dear products are sustainably sourced, cruelty free, vegan and unmatched in quality.

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